God Is Working

Recently I was asked what my favorite part of itineration has been. There are so many good answers to that question because there are so many wonderful things that we have been enjoying as a family over the last month of this new journey.

I could have said I am really enjoying the extra time with my family. Life in a fifth wheel full time does provide for an abundance of family time…

I could have said I am loving all the new people we are meeting and the relationships that we are establishing.

I could have mentioned the deepened relationship I am experiencing with Emily as we work together in ways we have never done before. I am truly proud of and impressed by my beautiful wife. She has an amazing work ethic and is a gifted communicator!

What I finally did say though, and what I will maintain has been my favorite part of itineration so far is seeing God at work in all the different areas of our beautiful state. Every church we visit is unique, they have different pastors, different leadership styles and nuances, different focuses and passions… but the one thing they have in common is the work of the Holy Spirit.

Everywhere we go we are hearing stories and seeing evidence of God changing lives. He is still drawing people to himself, just like he did for Emily and me. He is still pulling people from darkness and bringing them into the light. He is raising up leaders and giving people a heart and a passion to join him in his mission to seek and save the lost.

There are a lot of challenges that come with this transition to life as a missionary. There have been a lot of very difficult decisions and some hard goodbyes. But experiencing the sweet blessings that God has given our family, and seeing his hand at work in all these different areas of Oregon makes the hard choices worth it.

We will continue to chase God, and rejoice in the blessings he allows us to experience!