Lasts & Firsts

The past few months has been a season filled with a lot of lasts. The last Christmas in our beautiful home in Sandy. The kid’s last birthday parties with the friends they have known all their lives. The last road trip in our beloved minivan as a family. The last time hosting a church life group in our home. The last night in our home. The list goes on… Many of these lasts have been accompanied with sorrow, but they have also brought great joy.

As we celebrated Christmas traditions, we were saddened to think this would be our last ‘normal’ Christmas and pondered what this most cherished and precious holiday time will look like in the future. Will we come home? Will we remain on the mission field for our next few Christmas holidays? There are so many questions, and not nearly as many answers at this point. So much uncertainty, but also an overwhelming sense of longing for what is to come.

Amid the questions and the pain that come with transition wefind ourselves overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for what God has blessed uswith during our time here in Sandy. Every experience is heightened when itcomes with the realization that this could be the last time…

Looking around the house that we have called home for thepast three years we are amazed that God has given us so much more than wedeserve. What a beautiful place to watch our family grow and share lifetogether.

As we hosted our final life group (weekly discipleship group) we were sad to see it coming to an end, but also so proud of amazing family that the Lord has developed and knit together in our group of friends. We cried as we thought back over the past year and half of welcoming people into our home and watching them grow and develop in their ability to engage one another as we opened the scripture together. We were so proud to see these amazing friends so eager to share one another’s burdens and pray for one another. We were filled with joy as we watched them figure out what they were going to do now that the Knapp’s had to prepare to leave… it’s not ending, it’s changing.

That is the beauty of lasts,they by nature create opportunity for firsts.

We are so amazed to see people stepping up to take on theroles that we will be leaving behind. We count ourselves blessed to have beenhere to help facilitate that transition and cheer them on!

1 Thessalonians 5:11

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as youare doing.

Our lasts also create some new firsts for us. We’llhighlight a few here to keep you up to date on our crazy adventure.

In our last post we mentioned that we got a truck, well now we have our fifth wheel to go with it. As seems to be the norm lately, God blessed us richly in getting what will be our home on wheels for the next year or so while we travel to raise a support base. We got an amazing deal on this rig and have been getting moved into it and used to all the various knobs and levers. This whole experience brings a bunch of firsts with it.

We also got to experience our first everything must go sale! Emily specifically has done an incrediblejob organizing all our earthly possessions and getting everything ready to saleso we can literally lighten our load as we prepare to travel full time for thisnext season.

The result was an empty house, but hearts full of gratitudefor all the Lord has done and the hope of what He has in store.

God’s timing is perfect, and He reminded us once again as we spent one final evening at the house packing the last of our things into boxes to be taken to storage. It was in that moment, that emotion filled closing of a beautiful chapter of our lives, that we received our official invitation to candidate orientation with Assemblies of God World Missions. It’s as if the Lord were reminding us that when one chapter ends, another one is about to begin.

He’s called us to do some hard things, but He is in completecontrol even in the little details. We can’t wait to take the next step!