We got a truck!

The Knapp family made a big step this week! We traded in the van to get a truck that will be able to pull our future fifth wheel. God is amazing and blessed us with a great deal on a very nice 2013 F-350 Dually. It should be capable of pulling just about anything we can find to put behind it. (For those that are just tuning in, we are planning on living in a fifth wheel and travelling together as a family as we raise prayer and financial support for our new life as missionaries in Ecuador)

It was more emotional than we anticipated to say goodbye to our mini van that has carried our family on so many fun trips. The reality of what we’re about to embark on became very real as we handed over the Honda keys and rolled away in a great big truck.

There are so many details in the process that we see God’s hand in. We were able to purchase it from an amazing friend who works at our local Ford dealership, which made the whole process a fun experience (buying cars is not normally a favorite activity for Emily and I). The price on the truck was a great deal. It already has a very nice fifth wheel hitch installed in the bed with all the necessary wiring done, which was a nice surprise when we opened the tailgate the first time.

As Emily and I were praying about whether or not to move forward with the purchase, we knew that we had one last trip coming up that we wanted to take the van on. We asked the Lord to have someone else buy the truck if we weren’t supposed to move forward with the purchase, and told the kids that if it was gone when we got home we would trust that God had something else in mind for us.

The Saturday before we left, the dealership dropped the price by $1,000 on the truck. Katey wisely pointed out that God was either going to bless us even more, or he was answering our prayer to get rid of it and make the decision clear. Needless to say, when we got home from our trip it was still there.

Isaac summed it up well when we went for our first ride as a family.  After showing the kids all the amazing little features on the interior it got quiet for a few minutes and then he chimed in and said:

“God sure did bless us with a nice one.”

He did indeed! Thank you, God, for a beautiful vehicle to help our family connect with the people and churches you have coming up for us, and thanks to everyone who is praying for us as we draw closer to the start of our journey.