Application Submitted!

We are so excited to share an update on the progress of our journey! Our website has been very sparse on new information lately, but we are planning on starting to post more regularly as the pace of our steps towards Ecuador increase. If you don’t know what’s going on with the Knapp family, we are in the process of becoming missionaries with the Assemblies of God and are planning on relocating our family to live alongside and serve the people of Cuenca, Ecuador.

Big News…

We have officially submitted our application packet!  

As many of you know, this has been almost a year and a half in the making. Now that it is finally here, and the process is officially starting we are experiencing a crazy mix of emotions. Excitement, sadness, joy, fear, peace, anxiety… these feelings seem to come in waves that can take us a bit by surprise. The experience has reminded us of our need to put our hope and trust in Jesus. We are determined to not allow our emotions to dictate our circumstances or control our behavior.  

What’s Ahead?

The next step in the road map is a personal interview with a representative from AGWM. After the interview is completed, we will await an invitation to candidate orientation in March of 2019 and upon being officially appointed as AGWM Missionaries, we will at that point begin raising support to get to the field.

Between now and then, there is a lot to be done. We are planning on selling the bulk of our possessions including the house and vehicles. Emily has been going through closest and dressers sorting and categorizing everything we own to narrow down those things that are essentials or hold sentimental value that we want to hold on to. Everything else is on the purge list. Some of you have already gotten some items, thank you for helping us make the necessary steps towards our future!

Once we begin raising support, we will be travelling full time. In order to keep our family together and make an adventure out of our journey we have decided to take our crew on the road and transition to full time living in a fifth wheel. This will accomplish a couple of things:

First, and most important it will allow us to stay together as a family unit and take home with us as we venture all over Oregon and beyond to share the vision God has placed on our hearts.

Secondly, it will allow us to keep our monthly costs lower by drastically cutting down on the overhead involved with travelling constantly (hotels, restaurants, etc.) It also eliminates the mortgage which is kind of a big deal.

If you’re thinking that sounds crazy, we know. We are kind of crazy! Trust us when we say we’ve done a ton of research and thought through a lot of different scenarios as to how to best handle this season of raising support.

We are confident that God has a team of people that he has prepared to support us both in prayer and financially on this journey. Our task is to find them and make meaningful connections with them as we bring them onto our team, travelling together as a family is going to be the best way to do just that. If you feel like you want to be a part of that team feel free to send us an email or Facebook message and we’ll get you on our list to keep you updated as things develop.

This will be our last Christmas in our home in Sandy. We feel so blessed to have been able to enjoy this home for three wonderful Christmas seasons. What a gift to have been able to share so many memories in this beautiful home with friends and family. Here are just a few pictures of us trying to capitalize on one of our many ‘lasts’.