November 2017 Trip – Day Eight

We went on an adventure today to explore Cotopaxi. Ashley, Meredith and Stephanie took us on a beautiful drive through Quito and up to the mountain/volcano to take in the views. It was breathtaking, in more ways than one at over 15,000 feet in elevation where we could drive to.

We had an amazing time driving to and from the volcano. Wonderful conversations, so may questions to ask this amazing family that just recently brought their kiddos to the mission field. They are pretty amazing.

After checking out Cotopaxi we headed back to the house and had a pretty laid back afternoon. We spent some time playing with the kids (there may have been nerf guns involved), cooking some food, telling corny jokes, sharing stories/testimonies, and playing games. All around good day.

Tomorrow is our last day in Ecuador. We fly out really early Thursday morning to head back to PDX. Looking forward to one more day, but also looking forward to seeing our kids again.