November 2017 Trip – Day Six

We got to attend two different churches today in Cuenca. First we went to Centro Christiano de Cuenca which is a pretty large church that was founded by AG missionaries Bill and Connie McDonald.

A lot of construction teams from the states have come down to work on this building, it is a beautiful church. They have a Christian school and run 3 services on Sundays.

Their worship team was really good. Here is a video of a part of a song.

After this service, we went down to El Centro to a church that was started by another missionary couple Bobby and Lori Leek. This church is in the upper floor of an old building in downtown. Bobby preaches in English every week and his associate pastor Javi interprets in Spanish.

After church we went out for one last lunch in Cuenca. We opted for a traditional Ecuadorian meal… mine was epic. It’s steak, with grilled onions, a fried egg, rice, some veggies, and llapingachos.

Saying goodbye to some of the Cuenca missionaries. Tomorrow we head to Quito.

Emily saw this on the back of a car as we were driving through the city.

After a little afternoon siesta we headed out for one last walk along the river. We are so going to miss this beautiful city.

Tomorrow we head to Quito to see more missionary friends!