November 2017 Trip – Day Five

Another day in Cuenca, and it was a good one. The weather didn’t cooperate with our plans, but we adapted and had a great day anyway.

Check out the video and then read on for a few more photos and tidbits from the day.

After our trip UP (we were at 11,500 feet elevation) to the Cajas, we came back into Cuenca and grabbed some lunch. Emily was bold and tried some Ceviche Mixto which had shrimp, octopus, and conch in it.


After lunch Emily and I took a walk to get some time to talk and process everything that’s been going on. We walked along one of the four rivers that run through the city and made our way to the park you saw in the video.

We heard there was coffee at the top of these stairs:


It was worth it…


After our walk and a little bit of rest we went over to another missionary couples house to share a meal with them. They have three beautiful children that we got to play with which was great, it made us really miss our kiddos. Can’t wait to see them!

We talked a lot about what it looks like to be missionaries and their experiences along the way to get to where they are today. We ended our night with a wonderful time of prayer together for this beautiful city and the team God is putting together at Unsion.

Can’t wait for church tomorrow! We are going to Centro Christiano, the church that Bill McDonald started and pastored in Cuenca while also starting Unsion.