November 2017 Trip – Day Four

Day four in Cuenca was another day of work. Thom and I headed to the station after breakfast and got right down to business.

This was the sunrise that greeted us:

I did take a quick minute to go upstairs to the studio during the live broadcast and grab this video so you all could see the studio while they are filming.

They were right in the middle of the daily cooking segment on the morning show. It smelled pretty good!

We caught some of the production staff in the middle of a spontaneous chiropractic session as you can see.

After a few hours of working on some nerdy network stuff we took a break for the weekly staff meeting. It was during this time that I got to share a brief devotional with the Unsion Team.

David, to my right, was a huge blessing with his bilingual skills to translate for me.

After the staff meeting we had some sandwiches and cake with the team to celebrate the months birthdays. Then we spent the whole afternoon working on getting servers setup and some wireless equipment provisioned.

There is sooo much that can be done to improve things. I think even if money were no object I could stay busy for a year upgrading systems and getting everything buttoned up on the Unsion network.

I will be putting together a plan for the time we are here in June again to make some more changes/improvements. If anyone wants to be involved in that (financially, or physically) let’s talk.

The clouds rolled in this afternoon and brought lightening, thunder, and rain with them. Which led to another adventure on the way home from the station… Thom and I rode the bus.

Normally it’s only a 10 minute walk from their apartment, but we took the opportunity to stay dry… really I think he just wanted me to experience the bus.

It was CRAZY! The bus barely even stops for you to get on, it doesn’t pull over to the side of the road it just kind of rolls slowly in the middle of the street.

Then once you are on, it is crazy crowded. I couldn’t get any photos because I was afraid I would lose my phone. But we essentially pushed our way through the bus because you exit out the rear door and we were only going a few stops.

The drivers are super aggressive and apparently enjoy trying to make passengers fall over. I feel like if I rode the bus here every day I wouldn’t even need a gym membership.

Bonus though is it’s only $0.25 to ride… so cheap way to get around the city.

After a delicious dinner we spent some time driving around checking out some more neighborhoods of Cuenca just to get more of a feel for the different areas of the city.

Check out the gas prices here:

The government subsidizes fuel costs so it apparently hasn’t changed for years. Pretty weird!

We ended the night with a rousing game of “Wizard”, a really fun card game that we can’t wait to buy when we get home to play with some of you all!

That’s it for Day 4!

Tomorrow we are going to go out on a live remote project with the Unsion team up in Cajas National Park. It will be interesting to see the team operating away from the station.

The more time I spend in the city the more impressed I am with the Unsion team. The impact they have had is apparent, and the potential for further impact is incredible. The Lord has assembled a really strong team of missionaries and Cuencanos that have a heart to reach this community.

As we walk around the city with Thom and Becky we are constantly bumping into people they know through the station, or through the counseling center, or through a church that Unsion planted or partners with. This is a city of over 600,000 people and I feel like we are walking around Sandy bumping into familiar faces all the time. It is remarkable.

I can’t help but wonder what God has in store as the team becomes more and more established in this community. Praying for a great harvest!