November 2017 Trip – Day Two

Another great day in Cuenca. We woke up this morning after a solid 12 hours of amazing sleep (we were really tired). After some time in the word and breakfast together, Thom and I head down to Unsion to get some work done while Emily and Becky went out on the town.


Emily and Becky heading out for some adventures.


They stopped at the local mercado to check out the bargain prices on fresh produce.


You can also get meat… I’m sure it’s fresh… maybe?


Alternatively, you can hit up the SuperMaxi which is more like a North American grocery store. Emily said the prices here are pretty similar to most things in the states.


The girls went to check out the hat factory, many of you will recognize this place when you see the next photo.


The crazy “writing on the wall” from my first trip to Cuenca. If you haven’t heard me tell this story… you should ask next time you see us and I’ll tell you some of the crazy things God did the first time I was here.


Mi esposa es muy hermosa!


My (Joe’s) day was awesome as well, but in a different way. One of the things I wanted to do while we were here was an assessment of the IT infrastructure at the station. So my day was spent trying to make sense of things like this…


And get my head around where all these wires go:


I think I got a decent grasp on how things are setup and have started making a list of things that can be improved. I wish I had more time, but I’ve got a few high priority projects that I will try to get implemented before we head home.

Thom and I went out for a “light” lunch, I had mentioned that I wanted to try salchipapas, which is basically french fries and a fried hot dog. That is a full sized dinner plate full of it for $1.00. We also got fresh jugo de naranja y piña (orange/pineapple juice) that was incredibly delicious. All in all, lunch was $2.50 and I was stuffed.


Once the girls got back to the station we headed out to look at a house some missionaries are moving out of, to get an idea of what some of the different neighborhoods are like. Then we headed out for dinner at a Mexican restaurant before heading over to a local church for a Wednesday night service.


Let me tell you, this church knows how to do midweek services! It was packed, probably 200 – 300 people there and even though I barely understood any of what we were singing or what was preached, God’s presence was obvious.


This was the altar time, it was incredible.


No video for day two, but hopefully the pictures give you an idea of what we experienced. I’ll make sure we get some videos tomorrow (Day 3), so stay tuned!

We love you all, and appreciate your comments and encouragements on facebook.

-Joe & Emily