November 2017 Trip – We made it… most of the way at least

We have arrived in Quito as of about 12:30am local time (9:30pm back home). All in all it was about 17 hours from leaving our house to landing in Quito. Travel was awesome, everything went smoothly. Both flights were pleasant and uneventful. United didn’t even get into any brawls with passengers!

No problems getting through immigration and customs, they pretty much just had us throw our bags on a scanner and sent us through, easy as pie.

I must say traveling with my lovely wife is an awesome experience. I am very much looking forward to having her all to myself for the next 10 days (thanks Mom and Dad!).

Highlights of the travel experience thus far had to be during the 7 hour layover in Houston. We had some one time passes for the fancy United Club lounge so we took advantage of those. Here is a photo of Emily zonked out in the very nice and very quiet room we had all to ourselves.

She was thrilled to find that gem on Facebook. She got me back though when I dozed off for about an hour once we were on our second flight.

(Those trtl pillows are awesome, we would highly recommend them.)

We are waiting now for about 3 hours until we can re-check our luggage and get ready for our flight to Cuenca. We found a coffee shop and are enjoying some VERY strong americanos and delicious empanadas while we wait. Ordering in Spanish was fun, I definitely can’t wait to be fluent so I can actually talk to people. Emily does awesome though, it’s going to be fun to see her grow in her skills while we are here. I am confident a lot of her Spanish is going to come back to her.

We will post again later today once we arrive in Cuenca. I have a “We made it!” video, but it won’t upload here… for those of you that know me well, you can imagine my jubilation when things won’t upload or download instantly. So spoiled…

Update: Here is the video we took when we landed in Quito.