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Ecuador Bound
Ecuador Bound
So thankful for an amazing week! Spending the week on the Oregon Coast meant a beautiful combination of fellowship and family rest! Wednesday we were privileged to spend with Hebo AG’s church family and Pastor Lonnie and Crystal around an awesome church campfire! Even met a fellow missionary friends sweet Grandma!

Then Thursday through Saturday Pastor Lester And Bunni Craig in Gold beach generously hosted us! We were so blessed by their abundant love and even had some time to look for agates on their spectacular beaches!

This morning was an incredible culmination to our week as we got to share with the Port Orford Christian Center and enjoy time with Pastor Brandon, Kendra and their vibrant, encouraging church body!

We are so grateful for each person who’s opened their hearts to us and so thankful for the beautiful way our Heavenly Father continues to order our steps! #thankfulforthejourney #ecuadorbound🇪🇨
Ecuador Bound
Ecuador Bound
We are so excited to announce that we have crossed the halfway mark on our monthly support budget! God has been incredibly faithful in these past four months and we have been amazed at all he has done.

Thank you so much to everyone that has joined our team to support us in prayer and with financial support. We couldn't accomplish what God has called us to do in Ecuador without your help!

If you haven't joined our financial support team and would like to partner with us in that way, you can do so by visiting http://s1.ag.org/knapp

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Ecuador Bound
Ecuador Bound
Ecuador Bound
AMAZING few days with the youth and youth leaders from Parkway Christian Center in Grants Pass! We were invited as the speakers for their beach retreat and God once again blew our socks off!! We had so much fun crabbing, hanging out on the beach and eating the most incredible, definitely freshest crab we’d ever had! Then at service time the Holy Spirit moved in power and 5 students made commitments for Jesus with many more responding to him in big ways!!! God is so good! #sayYesTojoy #parkwaychristiancenter #catalystgp #GodSpeaks #ecuadorbound🇪🇨
Ecuador Bound
Ecuador Bound
This week 1660 Missionaries, 756 MKs, 55 amazing leaders and over 300 staff from all over the world converged on Orlando, Florida for a historic event! Never before have so many MKs been together and it’s been a very very long time since so many AGWM missionaries were together under one (very large) roof! We are so beyond overwhelmed and honored to have been part of such an amazing time of Re-newing , Re-focusing and Re-commissioning. It was an incredible experience to be able to worship, pray and learn with so many who have given their lives to the great commission! God spoke, healed, ministered, directed and simply loved his children. We leave Florida with heart full of passion and ready to continue with new zeal on the race he has set for us to run! #ecuadorbound🇪🇨 #t19 #missionaryfamily
Ecuador Bound
Ecuador Bound
(By Emily) These three ladies amaze me!! Each has committed their YES fully to Jesus and to Ecuador and they are moving mountains for the Kingdom of God!! The work they’ve poured into Ecuador and the hearts they have for the people absolutely inspire and encourage me! So honored to work along side these world changers! #thankful #excitedforthefuture #ecuadorbound🇪🇨
Ecuador Bound
Ecuador Bound
Last night, along with 106 others the Knapp family was commissioned as AGWM missionaries!!! So thankful for Oregon and the churches and leadership that is sending us, can’t wait to join our team in Ecuador but looking forward to continuing to connect with churches in Oregon! #AGWM #ecuadorbound🇪🇨 #sayingYestojoy
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Emily and Joe met in March of 2006. Shortly after coming together they encountered the truth of the grace and love of Jesus Christ and their lives were radically transformed. Just seven months into their relationship Joe proposed to Emily by asking her if she would ‘spend the rest of her life chasing Jesus with him.’ Two months later they were married and continued to grow in their love for each other as they grew in their love for God.

Katelyn, the Knapp’s oldest daughter came along a few years later. Anna, their second daughter, followed a few years after that. Isaac completed the family of five as he burst onto the scene two years behind Anna.

Emily has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and worked in sales and marketing up until Katelyn came along. She is now a super-mom who home-schools their children, runs a photography business, and spends time loving on their friends, youth students, and church family.

Joe is an Information Technology Professional and has been working in the Internet Service Provider field for nearly 20 years. Until very recently he was the IT Director for the City of Sandy where he managed the deployment and operation of Sandy’s Fiber-to-the-Home internet service, SandyNet.

The Knapp’s began their life of ministry by taking small steps of obedience as the Lord opened doors and opportunities for them to serve within the local church. Working with children’s ministries, helping with media and worship, and sharing devotionals at small group gatherings were some of the first tastes of ministry and service. Once they had a taste, their hunger only grew.

Psalm 34:8
Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!
Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!

After a few years of serving the church in a layperson capacity. Joe and Emily were presented with an opportunity to join the church staff as Youth Directors. Recognizing a need for better training to take on this task, Joe began to study for and seek credentials with the Assemblies of God. Serving in this capacity for over six years has been one of the greatest joys of their lives. 

Missions has been on the heart and mind of the Knapp’s since the beginning of their relationship. They have always felt that perhaps God had missions work in their future. When the concept of business as missions was introduced to them in 2014, they had a suspicion that God might use their professional skills combined with their love of ministry and the church, to take them somewhere away from home.

In 2017 Joe was invited to join a team of Pastors on a trip to Ecuador. It was during this trip that the Lord confirmed and clarified those suspicions. Though Latin America was never on Joe’s radar, it became very clear that the Knapps are called to utilize the skill sets God has been developing in them over their entire lives to serve with the Unsion team in Cuenca, Ecuador.

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When missionaries Bill and Connie McDonald were offered a television frequency in 2003, God gave them a dream: offer the people in Cuenca, Ecuador, an alternative to the often violent and sexually explicit television broadcasts on secular networks. They had no idea that within the next several years their family-values programming would impact the Hispanic community worldwide through cable and satellite television.

Today, the ministry has more than 40 employees and many volunteers. Unsión is more than a TV channel, it is a MINISTRY through Unsión+ which has these four branches:

• Connection –Connecting people to churches where they can be disciples for Jesus Christ. Using Más Café as a connection to the public and community.
• Counseling – Unsión reaches into Hispanic life through Unsión+’s lay and professional counseling services, ministry to those with addictions (April Project), and call center.
• Compassion – Unsión’s compassion ministry is expressed through Latin America ChildCare, medical clinics, evangelism outreaches and church planting.
• Coaching – We provide training to groups and individuals in areas that will help them be better people, Christians, parents, and witnesses.

Millions still have not heard the gospel! Please pray for this innovative, life-transforming compassion ministry.

Joe and Emily will be joining the Unsión team in Ecuador and utilizing their experience in ministry, technology, and business as they work to expand the reach and effectiveness of this great work.

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